Standard Terms and Conditions

By acknowledging this agreement, we accept the terms and conditions of our dog boarding with Blue Mountain Dog Camp as follows:
Blue Mountain Dog Camp agrees:
  • To provide loving care for each dog boarded at our camp
  • To provide water and give meals as requested by owner
  • To provide safe, fenced areas for dogs to run and play
  • To provide temperature-controlled, safe, clean, comfortable housing for each dog in our care
  • To monitor the dogs throughout the day to ensure safe play and safe surroundings
  • To maintain the dog camp in accordance with Pennsylvania state dog boarding laws
  • To ensure all dogs are properly vaccinated with all required immunizations required by Pennsylvania state laws. Bordetella and rabies certificates of current vaccination required
  • To seek medical care for any injuries noted for any dog in our care
  • To notify owner(s) if any dog shows any signs of injury or illness while in our care
  • To ensure the safety of all dogs in our care
Owner agrees:
  •  That due to the outdoor nature of the dog camp, our dog(s) may be outside, weather permitting, for extended periods of time for activities such as free-play, sunning, napping, and swimming
  • That our dog(s) may incur minor scrapes and bumps from running freely in the fenced play areas
  • That our dog(s) is(are) well-behaved and is not known to be a biter or fighter with other dogs or humans
  • That our dog(s) is(are) not an escape artist who digs under fences to “get away”
  • That we have the option of choosing insurance for health care if needed while our dog is boarded at Blue Mountain Dog Camp
  • That if we choose to not opt for insurance coverage, we hold Blue Mountain Dog Camp harmless for any injuries to our dog(s) that happen due to no negligence on the part of Blue Mountain Dog Camp owners or staff
  • That any extensions of a current boarding will be paid prior to the beginning of the extended boarding period
  • That if our dog has any special needs, we will discuss the dog’s needs with Blue Mountain Dog Camp owners prior to requesting a boarding period to ensure that our dog’s needs can be met
  • That if, for any reason, Blue Mountain Dog Camp has difficulties caring for our dog, we agree to end the boarding when requested by Camp owners
  • That we agree to allow photos of our dog on social media and our website
  • That we agree to send our dog with enough food for the duration of his/her stay, a collar, ID tags, and a bed only. We will not send toys, leashes or other articles that we want to be returned 
  • By submitting this form, I agree that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions in their entirety without exception